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Olive Branch Baskets

Hand woven baskets from the olive tree make a beautiful, meaningful and traditional gift from the Holy Land. The tradition of basket weaving is being preserved, with master teachers going to villages to teach the craft to women's co-operatives.

As the olive tree grows, shoots come out of the base and need to be cut so they don't weaken the tree. These shoots are then used to make the baskets. The shoots are wetted and twisted to make them flexible, then the basket is formed. Some baskets have handles on them and are called "malkot" or "harvester" baskets because they are traditionally used during the olive harvest.
Basket, Olive Branch, Rounded, one handle (Basket Only), Multiple Sizes Available
Basket, Orange Branch, Rounded, one handle Basket, Orange Branch, Rounded,...
Basket, Olive Branch, Two Handles, Three Sizes Available (Basket Only)
Basket, Olive Branch, Two Handles (Basket Only)
Olive Branch Basket Vase
Olive Branch Basket Vase