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"What a wonderfully unique selection of goods. My first order arrived, seemingly, before the payment button on the site had been pressed and my thanks for ordering note arrived. The goods and the service are extraordinary. And the profit going to people who are orphans in the world, so to speak; the forgotten, the folks who also live and strive, too often without recognition or help or the respect of the haves, but whose work is so enriching. Wonderful all around."
Richard P. McDonough, Irvine, California
'It has been my great privilege to introduce family and friends to Jan Hayden and Folk Art Mavens over the past few years. Jan shows such great commitment and care in all aspects of her work - from selecting beautifully crafted items by Palestinian artisans through worthy organizations, to educating buyers about organizations and creative processes, to meticulously packaging and shipping the items. She does all of this with tremendous grace and patience. For me, the joy comes not only from being able to enjoy these gorgeous and uniquely crafted items, but also in the knowledge that Palestinian artisans are being supported, and that help is reaching a population whose lives continue to be fraught with enormous hardship. Thank you, Jan.'
Nadia A. Yassa, Massachusetts
'For some time I have been very sad about the difficulties the Palestinians are facing, especially the women. I felt very helpless until I saw the beautiful embroidery available through Folk Art Mavens. My house is full of pillows, table scarves and wearing apparel. Every time my eye focuses on one of these beautiful pieces I pause and think about the woman who made it and I feel less helpless knowing that she is less helpless too. It takes courage and patience to travel back and forth across the numerous military checkpoints to meet with the Palestinian artisans. But Jan continues to travel regularly to Palestine to help these women. Thanks Jan for making this possible for all the women involved - the Palestinians who make the beautiful embroidery, the US buyers who enjoy it and all the people who hear and admire the story.'
Judith Lockhart-Radtke, Chelsea, Massachusetts
"For three years Janice Hayden (Folk Art Mavens) has run a holiday sale of Palestinian crafts for members of New England Lutheran (ELCA) congregations. She has been unfailingly responsive to the schedules and challenges of working with church groups; and she has worked patiently and cheerfully through many difficulties related to receiving and shipping orders. I recommend Folk Art Mavens very highly."

Jeff Johnson, Pastor of Peace Lutheran Church, Wayland, MA
"Thank you so much for getting the gift to us in time for Valentine's Day. What great customer service!!!"
Sharon Jodway, Midland, Michigan

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