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Folk Art Mavens was formed in 2003 in order to bring beautiful, unique, and quality products that represent the traditional arts to customers in the United States while ensuring the artisans a fair price.

Folk Art Mavens was founded by Janice Hayden, whose passion for justice and for preserving the folk arts of Palestine grew when she lived in Jerusalem. Since her return to the United States, Janice has continued to make frequent trips to the region to work with Palestinian and Israeli human rights groups and to form relationships with the many wonderful artisans in the region.

Marketing of these products within the United States provides a needed service not only to the customer, who is unlikely to find these products elsewhere, but to the artisans, who live under challenging situations and are unable to travel and transact business as we do.

Folk Art Mavens believes in win-win situations. Artisans should be fairly compensated for their work. Profits made from sales should be shared with the needy. And last, but not least, customers should be able to buy beautiful, traditional products at reasonable prices while getting good service and being treated with respect.

To understand more of our mission please visit Fair Trade Practices and Giving Back.